Sunday, April 14, 2013

Les Paul & Mary Ford - How High The Moon (original 78 rpm)

It's a strange thing, the brain.  Especially the sleeping brain.  I woke up the other day, just another morning, and the breaks, the solo guitar parts, from this song were running in my head for at least an hour.  None of the vocal sections, just the guitar player working out.  At first I was wondering what it was; then I thought it must be Django, but it's too electric, and where did that T. Bone Walker stuff come in?  Finally I got it: Les Paul (and Mary Ford) "How High the Moon."

Incidentally, I hadn't listened to this song for a few years anyway, hadn't even thought about Les Paul for quite a while.  Just out of the blue, in dreams.  

Boy, wasn't Les great?  1951, hard to believe.  Lots of Django, sure, and some T. Bone as well, and Charlie Christian (who's all over the place, really, all electric guitars should have his name printed on them), but mostly loads and loads of Les, pure and simple. 

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