Saturday, February 2, 2013

Phang Nga Hotel Shower

This is the "warm shower" unit in my $14 per night hotel across the street from the "no swimming" beach in Phang Nga.  It was warm too, the water pressure was low but it was warm, a decent shower was possible. 

I love the showering bears, Asians have an endless appetite for kitsch, good Engrish slogan too.  I especially love the "aero spacy" Grilon label, what is that, seventy years?  ten years?  Who knows?  Sometimes you just can't tell over here. 

This unit is okay with me though.  The stickers are kind of worn out, so it's been in service for a while.  It's still delivering the warm water, the low pressure is not the machine's fault.  They got their money's worth with this thing. 

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