Friday, February 1, 2013

A Kinder, Gentler Fox News

Here in Asia we are treated to a neutered version of Fox News. It has some of the bitter taste washed out of it with large doses of what is called “Fox News Extra.” These are short pieces of fluff that may be medical alerts, interviews with people in the news, cooking tips, or interview/biographies of musical artists, among other things. The musicians are invariably either old war horses or young whippersnappers fresh on the scene.

I recently saw one about someone named Colbie Caillat. I was sure that it was a made-up name, but her dad’s name is Caillat too and the Colbie part isn’t so strange. Yes, I Googled her, but I’d never heard of her before seeing the Fox piece. On the show she was described as “Grammy winning,” and as having sold “six million copies” of something. Both things were hard to believe. I spared myself the Wiki-details.

She’s not particularly attractive, and the snippets of songs sounded pedestrian and derivative. In the live performance shots she appeared out of place on stage. A forgettable act, and a typical subject for a Fox News Extra.

I suppose that these bits are required to fill out the time that in America is spent whipping people up into a frenzy about one thing or another, usually about President Obama. I’ll be visiting the “Land of the Free” later this month, and I’m curious to see what the full-strength Fox News is up to now that “insuring that President Obama is a one term president” no longer functions as a goal in life.

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