Thursday, January 31, 2013

Phang Nga Teaching Trip

Phang Nga is just north of Phuket island, about ten automobile hours south of Bangkok.  It illustrates an interesting aspect of the Thai language, South East Asian languages in general in fact.  The use of the sound of "ng" as an initial. 

In English, of course, we are familiar with the sound but always as the end of a word.  Using it as the initial sound can take some getting used to. 

Phang Nga has some built up, touristy areas, but I didn't see any.  Our Phang Nga campus is off the beaten path.  The beach was nice though, and the coastal wooded area, seen in the pix, reminded me of Monterey, California.  But much warmer, of course. 

You can see the beach off in the margins, and that's as close as I like to get to beaches.  There's only three things that I don't like about the beach: the sun; the sand; and the water.  

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