Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Writing Is Fun (Discuss)

We see a lot of writing about writing, both on the 'Net and, for you old timers, on the shelves.  "How to Write;" "How I write;" "How (insert name here) Wrote;" "How to Write on the Internet."  Usually the advice is old wine in new bottles.

Find your own voice (don't overwrite; don't try to be literary; don't overembellish); have the courage to really write (don't worry about what people will think; don't worry about hurting people's feelings; don't hold back potentially embarrassing details); write about what you know.  It's all good advice.

I enjoy writing this blog.  I often assert, somewhat self-servingly, that I do this writing for its own sake, because it's relaxing, and because maintaining a light, airy tone here helps me to remain light and airy myself, in as much as that is possible.  My hit count as been going up, currently I'm getting between seventy and one hundred hits per day, so now I have not only the pleasure of the writing itself, but also the pleasure of being read.  Maybe I'm flattering myself, maybe most of those hits just want to see a picture of something that they Googled.  Whatever, I'm satisfied.

Not many comments these days.  I'm told (I've read) that a lack of comments does not indicate a problem, that most people by far come to a blog not to comment by to read.  I can understand that.  In my early days of doing this I had quite a few comments on an almost daily basis.  At the time I had between six and ten hits a day and most of them were friends and relatives, so it's not surprising that they wanted to say hi. 

My stat-counter tells me that you are here, and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time.  So yes, writing is fun, under the circumstances. 

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