Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Welcome Fred!

This is a little disorienting.  I just visited "Rotten Tomatoes" dot com, I believe that it was for the first time.  In the upper left-hand corner was a picture of myself; next to it was the legend, "Welcome, Fred!"  Below that was the notice that I had fifty-seven friends, which I thought was a little high until I realized that they must mean "Facebook Friends," which is different.  Bringing up a list of these friends was the easiest thing in the world, with pictures. 

Recall that I hate everything automatic on computers, or automatic anything else for that matter.  Most of the automatic helpers are less than useless.  Like auto-start on a VCR or a DVD player, not only am I standing right there when I put in the disk, I have a remote control in my hand when I sit down.  What could be easier than initiating the display yourself?  The only single thing that auto-start does is make you go through a bunch of steps if you actually want to watch the thing  ten minutes from now.

Honestly, I hate that my computer knows anything at all about me.  Even for a Google search, I'd be much more interested to see sites listed because they were often searched by the public at large than sites that Google thinks I want to see.  Why should the computer be constantly monitoring my activity and trying to make predictions based on the information?  What good could come from that?  For me, I mean, I suspect that some good accrues to advertisers.

Maybe, maybe not, about the advertisers I mean.  Some of the results are so inapt that you wonder who wrote the algorithms.  Like last month, when after Googling the "Mecca Clock Tower" my computer for days thought that I needed information about hotels in Saudi Arabia.  Not in this lifetime I don't, sorry, not gonna happen. 

Ah, Fred, pissing off the wrong side of the ship again, are we?  Go ahead world, dish it out, I can take it.  I have always said, I don't make the rules, I just wake up in the morning like everybody else, the world is what it is.  And probably it was never really better anyway, so let's just go with it. 

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