Tuesday, December 4, 2012

John Coltrane - You Don't Know What Love Is

You know, I love Matt and Kim, really I do, and I just listened to a really nice Matt and Kim song that showed eleven million views on the 'Tube.  That's nice for them, I hope that they can translate that popularity into some cash in this ungrateful age where, as impossible as it may seem, making a living at music has become even harder than it has always been.

This 'Trane cut has been up for several years and it has generated only ninety-two thousand views.  Like I said, I love Matt and Kim, really I do.  Maybe it's true that there are many, many fewer Matt and Kim cuts up on this site, so maybe 'Trane gets more hits all together then Matt and Kim do, maybe, I'm no statistician, no researcher.  But then, research would only show that many of our newer artists of the now, of today, were getting millions of hits while Mr. Coltrane was languishing in their collective wakes.  So what?

It's a problem, that's what.  John Coltrane was the Michelangelo of the Twentieth-Century.  Some of us were lucky to have lived in his shadow, lived while he was alive.  I only began to appreciate him later, after his death, but learn to appreciate him I did, and I do yet.

Ah, jazz, but that's another story. 

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