Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unwinding Diversity

Mr. Romney campaigned to "take back the White House."  From whom, exactly? 

Why, from that 'Boon, of course, that 'Bun, that Jig, the Witch Doctor in Chief, that Kenyan Anticolonialist.  The strong subtext was: can't y'all see this?  The man is Black!!!

How'd that work out for him?  Eighty-eight percent of the people who voted for Mr. Romney were White people.  Didn't work out too well in the long run.  Not enough of them anymore. 

And those Red State/Blue State maps, very interesting, no?  The Red States, if I may be blunt, were mostly those states not famous for intellectual rigor, mostly intolerant of cultural diversity, intolerant, in truth, even of White people from Blue States, hostile to education in general and educated people in particular, not, indeed, noted for their cultural achievements at all, states that contribute mostly food items or natural resources to the nation's prosperity, if they contribute anything at all. 

President Obama's win was a small victory for diversity in America, and that is a good thing.  Not a clear victory though, with so many people voting for xenophobia.  Let's face it, if Mr. Obama had been a White man named Barry Wilson, and all else  being equal, Romney would have been lucky to win seven states. 

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Anonymous said...

The red states receive more federal aid than the blue states. The best joke on twitter during the results was: Romney is winning states that he wouldn't own a house in! ha ha