Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Silence

So this has been the longest period of silence in the five year history of this blog. 

Blame it on trouble with devices.  I recently suffered a probably catastrophic yet annoyingly mysterious data loss in my laptop; the water heater in my shower substantially failed only three days after the one year warrantee period; a guitar that I brought back from America last year needs a rehab after apparently being left out in the elements for several years by some bailee. 

Blame it on the holidays.  I do kind of like Thanksgiving, but I've never been completely comfortable with Christmas.  This year, pictures of a happy Thanksgiving set me off.  (If an explanation is necessary, I'm sorry, none with be provided.) 

Blame it on my youth!  Nothing that I experienced early in life prepared me in any way for an adulthood that has turned out so weird. 

More soon, I promise, in the more accustomed lighthearted vein. 

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