Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oh, Cletis, Where Art Thou?

We develop strange new relationships on these Intertubes.  I've become friendly with people by commenting on their blogs, by having people comment on this blog, and I've even become friends with people because we both commented on some third blog.

Cletis "The Book of Cletis" Stump is a 'Net-buddy of mine, but he's been awfully quiet since August, totally quiet in fact.  I'm just a bit worried about him.  Before he disappeared he had started posting some poetry, which I hadn't seen before.  That can be a sign that someone has arrived at a contemplative and existential phase of life, so maybe that's it.  He's just off contemplating.

I hope that's the worst of it.   Bon chance, Cletis, wherever you are.

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