Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kim Jong Il, RIP, Still, Amazingly, Looking At Things

The store of pictures of the Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il, looking at things, is apparently endless, at least for the time being.

This guy was in charge for almost twenty years, 1994 to, let's say, recently, and for all of that time he tirelessly showed up at like twenty photo-ops per day.  No substance at all, he just showed up and people showed him things, they took his picture looking at the things. 

The site is full of pictures that are new to us.  When he was alive, it was just an expose of crude propaganda.  Now that he is dead, and has been dead for a while now, the site has taken on a second life as a weird challenge to mortality. 

Challenging mortality is a fools game, and always comes to nothing, but somehow it always warms our hearts. 

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