Thursday, October 11, 2012

Junior Brown - Surf Medley

Junior is probably still alive and working.  Maybe I should check the Wiki, or the Google.

It's a shame he's not more famous, but then again sheer phenomenal talent doesn't count for much in the music business, now does it?  He's right up there with the late, great Danny Gatton, but no one outside of the guitar community remembers him either.


I did just Google the both of them.  Junior Brown is indeed still alive.  Check him out at  He's playing clubs and lounges, probably hawking his own CD's to make ends meet. 

Danny Gatton is still dead, may he rest in peace, a peace he never found in life.  Someone, the Gibson guitar company or something, listed him as the twenty-seventh greatest guitar player of all time.  I haven't seen the list, but I'd bet my tattoo that half of the twenty-six guys ahead of him on that list would fall on a sword before they dared get on a stage with him. 

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