Saturday, September 29, 2012

Travoltas - Sorrow (Bad Religion Cover)

Pretty good song, I'm not familiar with Bad Religion.  This is a cover by the Travoltas, whom I do know, and love. 

More typically a semi-frenetic Punk-Pop band, the Travoltas are Dutch, or were, they went inactive in 2006.  I discovered them on the late, much lamented Napster in about 2000.  Napster was so great, I still miss it almost every day.  The 'Tube is pretty good now, but you could BROWSE on Napster.  I had a list of six or eight users that I really respected, and I could check their lists all the time to see what they had that was new.  I found a lot of great shit that way.  I don't think there's anywhere to do that anymore. 

I've said it before:  Napster was the greatest advance in music since the invention of the piano forte.  One can only hope that we will ever see its like again. 

Soulphisticate, I still love you baby. 

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