Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Self-Google

I just Googled myself, a sure sign of a weak mind with too little to do.  Oddly, Google was sure, absolutely sure, that I meant to find information on one "Fred Keeley."  "Did you mean Fred Keeley?"  And at the page bottom, suggestions for Fred Keeley. 

This is a nightmare of a certain sort.  All of my life, people reading my name have mistaken me for a Fred Keeley.  I heard that a million times when some teacher or official came to my name on a list.  "Fred, er . . . Keeley?"  No, it's Fred Ceely, thank you, as in "Sealy," which spelling would have made things easier. 

Not a bad showing though, my Googling.  Interesting that as much comes up for "Fred Ceely" as for "fredceely," an Internet shorthand that I tend to use.  I Google names from my past sometimes and often there's nothing there at all.  True, most people have names that are more common than mine, so the Google is diluted.  Still, for me, things came up right near the top that I could be proud of.  So that's good.

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