Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Dickies-Stukas Over Disneyland

I always respected the Dickies, but I never totally loved them, and this song is very good, but not great.  It is, however, a fine statement of a true thing: Disneyland is as close as most Americans ever got to real Fascists.

Ask anyone who ever tried to get in back in the Sixties or Seventies wearing torn jeans or, God forbid, stoned.  Ask anyone who worked there back then.  Security people everywhere, with earpieces, you'd think the president was about to show up, isn't it still like that?   Much more authoritarian in the old days, take my word for it.  Now it's all about the money, like everything else. 

Still a great place though, the Happiest Place On Earth!  Happiness mandated in the legislature.  Maybe we should try that for the entire country. 

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