Wednesday, September 12, 2012

California Bank Robbers Litter Highway With Money

I couldn't get a direct link in, but here's the site.

I had one occasion to see a highway littered with money myself, and it's quite a sight to see.  I was on the Coast Highway going through Malibu, southbound, and just passing under the traffic light in front of the old Sea Lion Restaurant (still there, but under new management with another name), where Rambla Pacifica heads off into the mountains.

Right after the traffic light, I was passing a Porsche Carrera, and just as I caught up with them a woman in the passenger seat extended her arms upward, holding an open brief case which released a green puff of money.  I didn't get a great look, the driver was already slowing down, but it was pretty obviously money, in its green, confetti like spray of paper, and in the driver's reaction.  In the rear-view mirror, I saw the driver jerk the car over to the side of the road.  One can only imagine the conversation in the Porsche at the time.

What were these bank robbers thinking?  Get rid of the evidence?  It's on film, and specimens will have been collected, so that won't work.  Create a distraction to facilitate escape?  Maybe, but a long shot for sure. They had a helicopter on them. 

One thing for sure about the Porsche, that woman was pretty angry about something, she didn't eject the cash just for shit and giggles.  That would be a story to know, for sure. 

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