Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sovereign Citizens Killings In Louisiana

A bunch of so-called Sovereign Citizens ambushed some local police down in Louisiana last Thursday, August 16th.  The silence has been deafening. 

Friday, early, I left for Si Saket.  I was two nights in a hotel with no Internet and no sound on the BBC in the room, so I was in effect cut off from the news.  I got back Sunday evening, and resumed my usual Internet antics, watching some CNN along the line.  It was Monday or Tuesday before I got a gentle wind of the shooting, on some blog.  It had already disappeared from the news. 

It wasn't easy to pick up through the Google either.  Finally this morning, on Wednesday, I formulated a word-search that got results.  The news sources listed were second tier, to put it in the most flattering light.  The details were sketchy.  There doesn't seem to have been much follow up, if any.

So why is this a non-story?  This fringe group of anti-government radicals jumps up and kills two policemen, and wounds one or two others (variously reported), and there's virtually nothing reported about it. 

Not news anymore?  Domestic terrorism a protected subject?  Why the silence?  Interesting, no? 

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