Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Author Gore Vidal Dead

Here's the reason for that dip in the wattage of the world that you noticed earlier today.

I couldn't say that I was a total fan, or even that I understood half of what he wrote.  He swam a lot deeper than I could in the waters of culture and literature.  I did read a couple of the novels though (I particularly loved "Kalki," in which he kills off humanity without seeming to worry about it too much), and a few essays, and interviews, and I always enjoyed him on shows like "The Merv Griffin Show," among others.   He got the winning end of most of the arguments that I saw him engage in. 

One of a kind, and it's always sad to see them go, those onesters.  Bon voyage, Gore.

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Anonymous said...

Loved his shampoo.