Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Bit Of Fun At Mr. Hitler's Expense

Thais can be a little tone deaf about the Third Reich.  Last year a high school up north used the Nazis as the theme for their "Senior Week," with swastika flags everywhere and kids dressed up as cheerful SS officers.  The school thought it was all in good fun, at first.  Then they were mightily surprised when word got out and the shit hit the fan internationally. 

So I came across this shirt display at the mall the other day and found these two Hitler themed shirts.  To be fair, they're both more mocking than admiring of the old boy.

So what do you think?  Bad taste?  Is there even such a thing anymore?  

At least they're disrespectful, that's something.  I see Hitler books in the stores all the time.  I can't read Thai well enough to figure out the point of view, but the covers look serious.  I knew an autistic kid years ago (also up north, is it a thing up there?) who was fascinated with first-person-shooter video games and the Nazis.  He was even studying German, he was way into it and a good student, he was autistic, not stupid.  His only question when he found out that I could speak German was, "tell me about the Einsatzkommando." 

Who are we kidding?  There are lots of bars in America where one of these shirts could get you curb stomped for disrespecting the local hero. 


Bill Mlotok said...

Interesting style statement. Hey, I'm by no means a Nazi, but I have been captivated by the event my whole conscious life. As for the school theme, my thought is that it is tasteless adn I do think tastlessness has its limits (but I'm not one to set them).

fred c said...

They did have the coolest uniforms, after all, and they could goose-step without all that bouncing up and down that the North Koreans can't seem to get rid of. Not an endorsement by any means, but give credit where credit is due.