Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let's Try The Laptop

This whole new version thing is a challenge for a tech-resister like me. 

Things are moving around, and this no-paragraph thing is getting me down.  So I'm trying the laptop, a PC based tool, the browser is Internet Explorer. 

Let's go and take a look.  (Time elapsed.)   Well, the paragraphs seem to be showing up here just fine. 

On my IMac, running Firefox, they were not fine.  No paragraphs, no way.  I'm telling you, I like the IMac, the look and feel of it, but Apple stuff is funny.  A PC says "use me," with an inviting smile, "come on in, look around, see how things work, customize me for your purposes."  It doesn't get too far into your business regarding the stuff you save and view on it.  An Apple tells you, "I'm perfect already, use me as you find me, there's nothing beyond the interface that you need to see or find."  Regarding your saved materials, an Apple is constantly watching you to make sure that you don't use your stuff in some improper way. 

Me being paranoid again, no doubt.  But really, if you have an IPod (which I do), and the computer that the playlist was synched to blows up (which mine did), you're stuck.  There's no loading the playlist onto your new computer.  This is Apple's paranoia for proper use, if you ask me.  I'm afraid to say "yes" when my IMac asks me if I'd like to download a new version of ITunes.  I'm afraid that half the songs will disappear with a message, "some songs with no current security certificate have been deleted for your protection." 

Just like the old neighbor who yells at the kids, "get off my lawn!"  Yeah, guilty, probably.  And don't even get me started about my Kindle. 

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