Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ike & Tina Turner "Fool In Love" & "Work Out Fine" medley

It's two (snap), two (snap), my two favorite Ike and Tina Turner cuts, all in one on the TNT show in 1965 (an English TV show).

These are both on "The Sue Story," a great compilation of New York soul from Sue Records.  Lots of Sue's hits showcase Ike as producer and bandleader, like the great Eddie and Ernie hits ("I'm Going For Myself Now," "Time Waits For No One").  Ike playing the guitar too. 

Ike was the king!  You can look it up.  "Rocket 88," FIRST ROCK AND ROLL RECORD, among other claims to fame.   Tina was a great find, no doubt, but Ike was already justifiably famous, and he produced everything. 

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