Thursday, April 19, 2012

Songkran Festival Scene In Kanchanaburi

I love the three-on-a-motorcycle thing. These three are going home from a Songkran party (the Thai Water Festival), or, more likely, from one Songkran party to another. Notice the heavy water rifle that the guy in the middle is carrying.

My favorite three-up of all time was in Chiang Mai, on a rainy Friday night years ago. Let's call them number one, number two and number three, the three teenagers on the bike. Number one was piloting the bike; number two was holding an umbrella over them all (number one was holding down the front of the umbrella with his left hand so the wind didn't carry it away); number three was holding a mobile phone to the left ear of number one, who was gabbering away on the phone. Great life-threatening fun, I hope that they made it.

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