Monday, April 23, 2012

Never Look A Good Luck Horse In The Mouth

Good luck should never be undervalued. In this case, we were driving along and we came to this detour about fifteen minutes after the event. Six or eight power poles fell over, onto the road, and they were not just some poor wooden things but big-time concrete monoliths. A couple of cars were trapped amongst the sparking wires; one may even have been hit by a pole. So, like I said, we missed it by fifteen or so minutes. That's good luck, and I appreciate it. Unusual event by the way. We drove past the next day and it looked like the poles had been set in box-shaped things also made of concrete. These poles are very common in Thailand, and in the rest of the world too by the way, but the boxes were a new twist for me. A fair guess is that the concrete in the boxes was not properly constituted. The collapses reduced them to dust. Not enough cement is always a good guess. That would be unusual. Thais are very proud, and in general they make a great attempt to do a job right from the ground up.

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