Friday, March 30, 2012

Ode To A Simpler Time

I love my university students, and I must say that they are more disposed to actually study than my prior grammar and high school students, but sometimes I do miss the old days in my little northern town.

This was a class of seniors in whom I tried to instill an interest in the English language. Not to talk to me, I'd tell them, but to talk to other Asians whatever field of work you end up in. English is money! You can make more money! Which is indisputably true whatever field they would find themselves in. Very little interest there though. "Too hard."

Most of these kids couldn't answer simple questions after having "studied" English for eight or ten years. "What is your favorite fruit?" Answer: "Football!" (Actually, "footbon.") They were very nice kids though, and sometimes I miss them.

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