Friday, February 3, 2012

phil manzanera - big day (w brian eno)

Yeah, forget about Bruce Springsteen, this shit was the bomb in the mid-Seventies. Phil was the guitar player in Roxy Music, and this was a side project that Brian Eno (fellow Roxy) was involved in. The both of them were interested in sound in a very new way for guys in their genre. They were essentially rock guys, pop guys, but they were focused on textures and tones, and lyrics that went way beyond moon/spoon/June. (Like those colossally overrated Beatles, the Kings of old fashioned Moon/Spoon/June.) It was a great time, people were taking chances. These guys, their frame of artistic reference was much broader than the average bear today. Remember Television? Tom Verlaine? Any of you young people know where the Verlaine came from? I didn't think so.

But I understand, you young people today are very knowledgeable and intelligent in your own way. It's cool, I'm cool with it. I know that I can't work an I-Phone, so what do I know? Who gives a shit who the Vice President is? Or where Ghana is?

This modern world is just not our game anymore, we so-called seniors. The important things for us cranky geezers to remember are that nothing is important anymore; giving a shit about anything is stupid; all information is bullshit; reality is overrated; and empathy is counterproductive, totally girlie, and lame.

But some of this geezer music still makes it. Deal with that, youngblood!


Anonymous said...

This song is in my top 25 and it brings me back to the basement in 1984 in College Point! I listened to this followed by Babies on Fire, when I was missing you during your six weeks in Europe. Ann

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