Sunday, January 15, 2012

Robert Gordon - Someday Someway

I came across this on the great, great blog called "The Book Of Cletus." Me and him agree on lots of things, and we like a lot of the same music too.

This is a Marshall Crenshaw song, I love Marshall, he never got 10% of the credit that he deserved for the great records he made. That's the music business though, isn't it?

That's Danny Gatton playing the big-time guitar parts here. To say that he was the best would be understating the whole thing. Mr. Gatton was the man, hell, he is the man, thanks to recording technology. Rest in peace, Dan. A peace that was denied you on earth. Like many of us, Danny was depressed, clinically depressed if I don't miss my guess, and finally he just up and took his own life.

And Robert Gordon, there's another underrated talent. He released a great, great album in the late Seventies with Link Wray as a sideman, you can look it up under "no commercial potential."

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