Monday, January 2, 2012

Rare Cat Pix

Went to the Crocodile Farm today and saw . . . a jaguar! And a handsome fellow he was, too. And a tiger! Lots of them actually, this I believe is a young one, maybe a year or so, on the small side with huge paws. Too close for comfort sometimes, they were. For only six dollars they would take your picture with your hands on a tiger, a full sized tiger that didn't look even a little bit drugged. He was chained to a D-ring in the floor, which I know would piss me off. No! But thank you so much for the offer.

The other feline is a fellow traveler at the home of a friend of mine, dining on the remains of the seafood at our Christmas party.

I'd hate to have the only blog on the 'Net with no cat pix.

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