Monday, January 2, 2012

Croc Wranglers Risk Lives For Baht

Sure they know the tricks, how to relax a crocodile so it's "safe" to put you hand in its mouth. It's like NASCAR though, sometimes things go horribly wrong. A couple of years ago the audience at this place was treated to a croc clamping down on a guys arm and starting to do that "croc spinning" thing that they do to tear things off of their prey.

Uneventful today though, a very professional presentation all around. I love how they get people to throw money at them so that they can make it part of the act. That's money in the croc's mouth, if it isn't perfectly clear in the pictures.

I got some video too, maybe I'll make the huge investment of time to put some up in a few days.

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fred c said...

I forgot to mention: I had a croc burger for lunch.