Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bee Song Ha! Ha! Ha!

I accompanied a friend of mine to a psychiatrist's office one time and the good doctor asked him, as they will, "what time is it?" My friend responded, after some thought, that it was "Springtime?" He failed that test, big time.

As I sit here, it is Sunday, January 8th. The year is 2012, in most of the world anyway. I'm oriented in all dimensions, I am. Here in Thailand, furthermore, it is the year 2555, Buddhist Era. To my knowledge, this is the only system that counts back to the birth of a religious entity. (I'm not an expert on Islam, don't they count back to a pilgrimage or a revelation or something?) You got other ideas? Look it up. That other one was the Emperor Augustus's idea, and the rest was sheer coincidence.

But the year, 2555. In Thai it comes out, "bee song ha ha ha." Thai Interneters don't write "LOL," they write "555," as in ha! ha! ha! So it's going to be a year of fun, one could only hope with a name like that. I hope so anyway, but I wish us all luck. It might be a bumpy ride.

If you missed it, please go back a couple of pages and check out "They Are Our Teachers," dated December 20th. I'm kind of proud of that one.


Anonymous said...

Is this the year of the goat? I'm still writing Year of the Monkey on my checks...


fred c said...

This is a "year of the Dragon." It should be fortuitous, as the experts say.