Thursday, November 3, 2011

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army Live on Conan

An important point, in a minute.

At this time I was very occasionally taping a Conan show to watch the next day. I was vaguely aware of the White Stripes, I'd heard a couple of things on Napster. I was knocked out by this, the concept, the presentation, the enthusiasm. Nice to see it again.

Now, the lesson. Take a look at this on YouTube so that you can see the two attached comments. Negative comments based on the quality of the video. It just goes to show: what people get free, in abundance, they do not value. Not content with having so much great music at the tips of their fingers, these ingrates want HD.

"What people get free, in abundance, they do not value." I don't want to get maudlin or personal, but you'll think of some examples pretty quickly if you put your mind to it.


Henri B. said...

Not to stereotype but - yeah pretty much stereotyping - I'm guessing it's generational. I'm in my early 30's so I remember having a tiny black & white TV and having to play with bunny ears to get reception. For that matter, I remember when a signal was called "reception". I don't think I've ever caught myself thinking, "Wow, this footage of Michael Jackson doing the robot with the Jackson 5 from 1977 sure is cruddy." I'm usually elated that it's there.

fred c said...

Good insight, Tanya, people with different experience have different expectations.

Anonymous said...

Yes agreed-experience is all. Free Mangos in Puerto Rico?-for granted.
Free TV-also taken for granted. we had some great stuff that we didn't really appreciate (nor did we appreciate the value).
I think experience places vlaue on everything. Even what we pay for. Remember Theater size concerts by great bands for $3 or so