Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Should I Stay or Should I Go Clash and Cary Grant

Who doesn't like Cary Grant? But the question is: should I stay or should I go?

I'm in the teeth of a major flood event here. Bordering on impossible to get any good information, but it's obvious that some degree of inundation is imminent. My neighborhood is on the flood maps, not in the bad color but not in the good color either. The water is in the pipeline (rivers and canals with volumes and flow certain), and today it meets a monsoonal high tide from the Gulf of Siam. Something's going to give. Lots of neighborhoods have gotten it already.

So, should I stay? My room is on the fifth floor, and I have provisions to last a while. No guarantees about electricity or water though, and reading without fan or air-con while sleeping away all of the hours of darkness holds little appeal for me. There could be other, more disagreeable consequences which I will spare you.

Should I go? Plenty of places are back to normal or never got the hard knock in the first place. Adds a level of expense, I suppose. My classes (all classes) will probably be canceled for a time, but no word yet. I'd just as soon not wander around in toxic flood water with my Crocs on and my pants rolled up.

It's all very uncertain.

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