Monday, October 3, 2011

Malaysia: Truly Close To The Sun

The tourism campaign for Malaysia is "Malaysia, Truly Asia." I have commented before on the efficacy of this whole idea, which is, truly South-East Asia maybe, and even that's a big maybe.

But their song includes a line, "you can wake up to the sun rise, and it's near enough to touch it." I'm not sure that I'd emphasize that, because on a hot day in the tropics it almost seems true. I remember that Tom Hanks movie, "Volunteers," where he gets off the plane in Thailand and almost faints from the heat. He says, "we must be fifty feet from the sun!" Me, I first got to Thailand during the first week in January, the "cold" season, and it was about ninety degrees just after midnight. These places can be hot.

So does being near enough to almost touch the sun make me want to go to Malaysia? Not so much.

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fred c said...

To be fair, it's only an inch or two closer than I am already.