Saturday, September 24, 2011

Relative Absence Of Politics

Don't get me wrong, politics is fun stuff. This current political season in America is a laugh-a-minute, non-stop singing and dancing (after the usage of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, talking about the gulag). My relative silence on the subject is not due to a lack of interest. There are a couple of reasons:

First, this series of tubes called the Internet is full of political blogs, many of which are very good and many others of which are highly entertaining. Some are even both; and

Second, the whole thing is so depressing, I mean the shear volume of it, and the horror.

I do occasionally comment on American politics, but it's not fun for me. Sometimes something just makes me angry, like Herman Cain or the bamboozling of the American working class. Sometimes I just feel like I have a point-of-view about something that may be useful to others.

Generally, though, I am content to let you follow the daily gossip elsewhere. I'm hoping that some of these fools will pass from the scene quickly, and I don't want to think about them any more than I have to.

My feeling, and my fear, is that this whole thing is going to hell on the express elevator. My advice, dear readers, is that you all take steps now to avoid this result, so that when all of the shit hits all of the fans, and some people are asking, on their way to Guantanamo On The Mississippi, how did this happen! you can look back and point to things that you did to try to stem the viscous tide that is now engulfing America, that you can do more than pull your blanket more tightly around you and say, I told you so!

Remember the German precedent. After their little social experiment went so horribly wrong, the Germans who merely acquiesced to the NAZI excesses were considered equally responsible. It's always worth remembering, they voted for the instrument of their doom too.

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