Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Public Conveyance In Sakon Nakorn

Anywhere you go in Thailand, you are met with a slightly different availability of local transportation. You can always get around, but the vehicles will vary from place to place. Sakon Nakorn is way out east, almost to the Mekong River and Lao. It's a small place, even the provincial capitol. There were no meter taxis, only a few big cities in Thailand have actual metered taxis, but there were bicycle taxis, motorcycle taxis, small motorcycle-based tuk-tuks, and this thing.

I couldn't say if it was licensed in any way, or even if the guy used it to ferry people around for a fee, although I'm sure that he wouldn't say no if the chance came along. Maybe it's just for deliveries, you can stuff a lot of whatever into something like this.

In any case, it's an example of Thai enterprise. Thailand literally means "the land of the free," and the high level of economic freedom in Thailand can be surprising even to an American.

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