Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nok Airlines Thailand

This flight was expensive. (Baht 5,800 round trip from BKK, almost two hundred dollars.) Only one airline goes to Sakon Nakorn, and it's not a heavily traveled route.

The plane was nice enough, a Saab 340 B-Plus. I was a little worried about the tires. I wouldn't drive on the freeway with tires that bald, I was hoping that they had another landing or two in them before they exploded. When I checked in at Don Muang, the old airport in Bangkok, the lady asked me if I'd like an aisle or a window seat. I said aisle, and she gave me seat 7A, which turned out to be both an aisle seat and a window seat (the plane had a one/two configuration, with the "A's" standing alone on the left side of the aisle).

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