Friday, September 30, 2011

Jay Ferguson ~ Thunder Island

This song is my guilty pleasure, it has been since it was released in 1978. Believe me, even ABBA was easier to explain away than this crap, I took some flak for liking it. I bought the single, I knew that it was crap but it was good crap and I loved it. Somehow, the song speaks to me, I can feel the thrill of it, the thrill of the singer and the no-doubt summer girlfriend. I mean, I never had the thrill myself, but I knew guys who did, just like in the song, as teenagers. This song still gives me chills.

Sure it's crap, but it's heartfelt crap, and it's well produced crap, and there's nothing crappy about the sidemen that they hired, including Joe Walsh probably. Everybody needs a little sentimental crap in their collection. It humanizes a person, doesn't it?

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