Thursday, September 29, 2011

7am Arivu Official Trailer [HQ] -7aam arivu Official Trailer HQ (First O...

This vid must have been shot on a cell phone at the movies, complete with crowd noise. I've seen whole movies shot like this on Thai long distance buses. I couldn't find the clear version on the 'Tube.

This is a big-budget release in the Tamil language, something of a rarity evidently. It looks great, it's got a time-jumping story line, fantasy, science fiction, and kung-fu. And singing and dancing, no doubt, it's an Indian movie after all.

You can see a clear copy of the trailer over at Twitch. ( That's a cool site in general, must visiting for anybody who likes movies that are "nuts."


Rubye Jack said...

I think I could easily live without this one. :-)

fred c said...

I'll never find the DVD, and I'll live quite well without it myself. I would like to see it though, if only for the Vietnamese movie star delivering lines in English.