Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today's Word Is "Poignant"

These are people that I know in Bangkok. "Friends" would be too strong, because my Thai is weak; mom can't say or understand a word of English; and the girl can only say "hello, how are you? I am fine. Thank you. Goodbye." But They know me, and I them, a little.

The ice cream picture: I invited them to come to the Swensons with a small group, all on me. The mom was too typically fearfully/respectfully Thai to order anything, so the daughter shared with her. Look up "poignant" in the dictionary, they should show this picture.

Mom is like technically, or legally blind, it came on her as an adult, not long ago. She is a masseuse without a shop, she just works around the neighborhood. She's alone with a young daughter, and there's no safety-net for that kind of thing. It will not end well, and there's not much that I can do.

Like so many good people in the world, who live in bad circumstances, they deserve better but won't get it. This is earth, not "Star Trek," and as we are constantly being told, there's no money! No will is more like it, I see plenty of money but precious little will. I'll stop now before I start using bad words.

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