Friday, August 5, 2011

Olerê Camará

What!!! I'm number 244!!! This song has been a hit in Fred-World for fifteen years. And whenever I'm up on Mount Tu Pia, practicing my Capuera, this is on my IPod.

Up for seven months with 243 hits. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking, what are they wasting their time on. Is the question, why doesn't everyone see the world like me? I wouldn't go that far, but some of this shit is boss, people, and more of you should get it.


Anonymous said...

Some of the music you dig on is ultra regional. To say collective we don't like it is just to say collective we ain't from there. This tune is from the 80's if I'm not missing the era train? I still listen to Sergio Melnchenko's show when I can, still pushing the Brazil sound. Just hard to grasp if the story is being told in a foreign language, as pretty as it may sound, as much as one may guess the universal themes. It's fantastic stuff but there's tons of fantastic stuff on the net. You may have found the English youtube version or something, maybe there's a Portuguese language way of spelling it which would bring you to . . . no never mind . . . it's socioeconomic. The people who bought this album, saw the shows, don't got no stinkin internets in there town.


fred c said...

I guess I figure that if I can find it, then it must be easy to find. I also liked the Sergio show on KCRW, and if I came across a CD or some vinyl that was affordable and looked good I bought it. You're right though, my experience is hard to duplicate, and there's no real reason to try. But who wouldn't like Alcione!