Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Ultimate DIY Project Car In Bangkok

This is a late-Sixties BMW Bavaria, which in America would have been a 1600. I had one of these! A red one! Mine was a 1967 model. I got it used, two years old, and already it was falling apart. A German cousin who heard the tale of woe asked me, "how many kilometers?" The answer was fifty-five thousand miles. We did some math and he told me, "jah, those are only good for one hundred thousand kilometers (60,000 miles)."

So I figure that the guy who's keeping this one on the road, and looking so good, after more than forty years, must be a mechanical genius. I figure he's not only a master car mechanic, he must have his own mill and lathe and the ability to form his own parts by milling raw metal.

Whatever, it's a nice car, isn't it?

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