Monday, July 11, 2011

Sports Announcers

I can be very harsh in my critique of sports announcers. There have been many that I have liked, but there are also many that I find supremely annoying. Out of kindness, and in the spirit of love, I will not mention them here. I’m sure that the day will come when I am not feeling so generous.

One guy that I am officially indifferent to is V.J. Armitaj, who was a tennis great back in the Seventies or something. I saw a lot of him covering the recent Wimbledon tournament. I find him pretentious, but he does love the sport and he is not without a sense of humor. He could lose me though, and he did it frequently. Like this statement, for instance:

“The break is never as good, as long as you hold your serve.”

But then again, the rules of tennis lose me in their upper atmospheres.

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