Monday, July 18, 2011

Here Come the Warm Jets

Is this a piss song? Maybe, not that there's anything wrong with that. Does it matter? Not in the scheme of things. Does anybody care? No one that matters anyway.

I love the way the several tracks that make up this cut go in and out of sync with each other. When they all come together towards the end it's somehow reassuring. Eno was the consummate amateur, essentially a non-singer and non-musician at first. (Whatever happened later, the whole career thing, was semi-by-accident.)

Somewhere in the comments to these Eno videos the point is made that all of this great music was happening while the radio was full of only what is these days passed off as "Classic Rock," Journey, The Eagles and et-fucking-cettera. In the midst of all of that mixed bag of mostly crap were a ton of great records that didn't sell at all and were never played on the radio. The good news is that it's out there still, available now for inquiring minds to find.

Old? You probably missed it. Young? Don't believe the hype! Either way, keep digging!

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