Monday, June 20, 2011

Percy Mayfield - Hit the Road Jack - 1984

The great Percey Mayfield, whom some people call "The Poet of the Blues." At least that's what Billie Vera said, on his terrific KCRW radio show in the late '80's, when he was just on the cusp of selling out. That's another story, but Percey, he's the real deal.

He wrote this song, and the demo is included on compilation CD's, and it's killer. I love the party thing here, Percey makes himself a drink while he's singing the song, Kahlua, scotch, milk and splash of tap water. The 'Tube has lots of his good stuff. Check out "Life is Suicide."

You go, Percey, you go 'head on, wherever you are. You had it, and you shared it, and I love it.

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Anonymous said...

It's like being the writer of 'Happy Birthday' ! He should get money after every high school football/basketball/baseball/etc. game.