Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Wrapping v. The Gift

A blog that I read had a post about a study by a Japanese academic of some sort that purported to mathematically prove that White women were more beautiful than women of other races. That's a minefield right there.

The blog relates to Black issues particularly, and the comments to the post ran accordingly. But what's the point? I commented myself.

If one wants to be fair, one must admit that there are beautiful women all over the world, in every continent and country, but how important is that really? The beauty part, I mean. Most of it is mere fashion, and it becomes so subjective that the discussion quickly becomes useless.

More importantly, there are women all over the world, of all types, who are hot, hot, hot. It's the gift that is important, not the wrapping paper. I coined a new metaphor that I find very entertaining.

To paraphrase: there are women whom most men wouldn't think rated a second look, beauty wise, but who turn out to be hotter than a German machine gun on D-Day.

That's two metaphors, I suppose. Good stuff, he nodded self-approvingly.

So to sum up: a fabulous gift wrapped in plain paper is of much greater value than a forgettable gift in a beautifully wrapped package.


fred c said...

I could be talking about Arnold's baby mama. I've seen a lot of comments mockingly describing her plain looks, but really, who knows what she brought to the table?

Anonymous said...

It's more about Arnold's insecurities and needing to be the center of all attention, he doesn't want any competition.

And what's an old 60-something fart like you doing musing about hot ladies. As you well know you're totally invisible to them, man!

fred c said...

Thank God I'm invisible! I don't do well with temptation.