Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Planet Is This?

The news from America makes me physically ill almost everyday, but some days are worse than others, much worse.

I teach my Thai law students the Disney version of the American system, the dream version, and when I speak of Americans themselves the picture is equally rosy. You know, like, the laws are applied equally, and for most people race and religion are not issues. We all get along fine. If only it were so.

I know, re-posting is so declasse, but bear with me:

Courtesy of the Daily Kos:

Fox Nation's Gorilla Story Stirs Racist Frenzy

Today on the Fox Nation web site, they posted a story on the popularity of some new videos of a gorilla walking upright like a man. That seems like it should be an innocuous little animal tale with a precocious jungle creature imitating human behavior. But this is Fox Nation we're talking about.

This is the sort of item that Fox Nation posts fully aware of the dog-whistle effect it will have on its readers: a community of dimwits that is simply incapable of masking the open hostility and racism that is at the core of their putrid souls. Here is a sampling of the comments to be found attached to the article:

1preacher: Yea, I could see where this Gorilla evolved from obama's family.

amveteran: This is a true knuckle dragger. Reminds me of Al Sharpton.

winterhawk: Just as I thought, that's buckwheat's daddy.

flyinjohn23: Not only that....He got himself one of those Hiawian Birth Certificates over the internet all on his own too.

1preacher: Because I said that this was obama's mother, that is racist? Not following that one.

hawk1052: Shelia Jackson Lee, comes to mind.

armed: is the one in the background carrying a teleprompter and throwing tater tots at the other one.

And if that isn't bad enough, there were at least 13 comments that the Fox Nationalists "flagged for review." If the examples above made it past their decency filter, we can only imagine how disgusting were the comments that were removed were. And in addition to the overt racism, there was also an abundance of derogatory and idiotic remarks regarding evolution and the intelligence of liberals.

These people are sick and beyond pathetic. And Fox News knows exactly what they are doing by throwing this chum in the tank. This isn't the first time that Fox Nation's readers behaved so atrociously. Last year they posted feverishly about how they wished the President were dead.

The bigots at Fox are surely comfortable with this sort of hatred. We learned last summer that only 1.38% of Fox's audience is African American (compared to about 20% each for CNN and MSNBC). So they probably don't think they have much to lose by being racist jerkwads. Just their humanity, and they don't have much of that to begin with.

End of Kos re-post.

I checked those comments on the original site, it's true. The greatest minds of our time should immediately devote themselves to the question: what in God's name is going on here?

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