Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hotel Review: The Mai Hom Hotel In Nakorn Sawan, Thailand

After the post below, I would be remiss if I failed to point out that the Mai Hom Hotel was really, really nice. A bargain too, at about twenty-six bucks a night for a double, including a good breakfast. Even less for me, with my Ramkhamhaeng University discount.

It was a brand, spanking new building. The bed and the pillows were very comfortable. There was a big Samsung flat screen hanging on the wall, with a hook-up to one of the good cable companies, seventy channels or so. Full sized refrigerator (with only the two free bottles of water. There was a low priced snack bar in the lobby instead of a "mini-bar" situation). Good air-con, and an alert cleaning staff (especially if, like me, you leave forty Baht on the pillow everyday). The restaurant was open till late, with lots of great stuff and everything prices at a buck or two.

The bathroom was useful in every detail, while also being interesting in a Thai way. The toilet and fixtures were all American Standard, with a Thai twist. In the sink, there was the usual set up of one faucet, cold water only, and if you turned the handle the entire fixture rotated in that direction as well. The toilet flushed fine, as long as you held the handle down for the twelve seconds or so that it took the water to wash out the bottom. I'm sure that the float wasn't set right. Thai construction people are generalists, they do everything, so you don't get the benefit of a real plumber to install bathroom fixtures. Hot water availability was good, which is better than fair, which would be okay in itself.

So if you're ever in Nakorn Sawan, it's a good place to stay.

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