Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cool Vehicle Update: A Volks And Two Hondas To Go

These old Vee-Dubs are very popular over here. This one is more than thirty years old, but it's in great shape, with a happening luggage rack and some nice after-market chrome trim. I'm told that in Thailand they still go for a fortune in this condition.

The orange hot-rod-Honda is interesting, mostly because it's the monk color. Usually, Thai people avoid this color in clothing and everything else. This one has the faux graphite hood and nice wheels. I also appreciate the "Thrasher" magazine sticker on the gas cap. A no-go-showboat, odds are.

The other one: I'm just a sucker for these mid-nineties Accord bodies, that was a great shape right there. Who knows what's under the hood? Might be a great ride.

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