Friday, February 18, 2011

Compared To The God Question

The God question occupied some of my time today, between my nap and a few hours wrestling with some particularly challenging Engrish in a paper that I’m editing. I never get far with the God question, honestly I don’t think there’s any real dealing with it, but it did take me somewhere interesting.

We wrestle with lots of questions everyday, everything from deep subjects like race relations and modern relationships to mundane bullshit like the economy and taxes and taking care of those less fortunate than us. Can we all agree that compared to the God question, everything else starts to look pretty elementary?

We need to ask ourselves: how many of these questions are we going to let totally kick our asses? The God question has our number, no bout adout it, but shouldn’t we do better with some of the simpler stuff?

I was in the hospital one time. I was lucky to get there fast enough to get the help that I needed, but it was something that could easily have killed me if things had gone a little differently, and I was in bad shape for a couple of days. Day one I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, but on the second day I shook it off. I reminded myself that I was going to live, and I asked myself: are you a man or are you a mouse? That’s what we need to ask ourselves about these accessible, solvable questions. Are we men, who can be reasonable and deal with these things, or are we mice, condemned to endless, ineffective bloviation. I’m including you girls here too, you know, “men” as in “mankind.”

We may never figure out where we came from, or why we’re here, but I’m confident that if we try we can figure out how to structure a fair and effective health care system in America, just for example. Other countries have done it, sufficient to prove that the problem is amenable to solution. We can take them one at a time.

Come on, it’ll be fun! And easier than trying to discover the nature of God.


Anonymous said...

Any time spent thinking about god is wasted time. You might as well waste your life contemplating the nature of Santa Claus, for all the good it will do you.


fred c said...

I couldn't agree more, and that's kind of my point. Let's spend the time on things we CAN figure out.