Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jungle Cats In The Chiang Mai Zoo

Okay, people want cats. This is all I have on hand. They may not look like much, they look very much like Tabby next door, but they are much bigger and they live in the jungle. If only I could have dressed them up as Batman and Robin. But at least it's cats.


fred c said...

These are really the canine equivalent of the "Jungle Fowl," those giant chickens that serve as the universal alarm clock in Thailand. Regular chickens are pretty small and harmless; Jungle Foul come up past your knee and stalk the yard purposefully, scaring the dogs. These cats are big and tough. Nocturnal though, so they weren't active when I visited.

fred c said...

"Fowl" would have been better, but maybe they are foul too.