Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Frankie Lee Sims - Walkin With Frankie

This is some deep, deep stuff right here. Field music, like the fife and drum pre-blues music, no chord changes, call and response structure. Frankie Lee is from Texas, not that it matters. He belongs to the world now. By the way, anything on Ace Records is probably great, the odds are good.

How can something like this be up for a year and a half with only 2,300 hits? Miley Cirus gets that every couple of seconds, and if I told you what I thought of her music I'd probably be arrested. I'm right too!

"Non numis, virtute paratur!"


Anonymous said...

This one still holds up. I bet in a few years Disney is licensing it like they're doing today with old reggae/ska hits.

fred c said...

The mechanics of that would make an interesting study. These days, the corporations are the giants that walk among us, that's for sure. It seems like they can do anything. Money talks, I guess.